Less stuff, graham hill

Was the speaker convincing? Why or why not? The speaker seemed pretty convincing as he presented the idea of smaller spaces in a very organized matter. The three suggestions that he has given in the video appear to be very logical to me as the modern man owns a lot of stuff but doesn't manage them well. His techniques just allow you to use a foundation argument for minimizing your life. The editing he talks about is very necessary in human lives now in order to live a mess free life in our homes. Did the speaker present clear and trustworthy evidence? If so, how? If not, what was faulty or missing? The arguments given by the speaker are very attractive on the surface but actually they are not practical for many families that consist of more than two people. His suggestions are great and should be followed, but they can hardly be implemented in large families. On a lighter note, he seems to live a very lonely and isolated life with minimum social interactions, so the techniques he is telling can be very practical and useful for people like him. It looks like he has ignored the family structure of migrants that consists of many members having different tastes and choices while coexisting in a shared space. It can be very hard for them to live such a minimalist live style when everyone has the right to say or do something about the house they partly own.
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