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SOC 6080
Nov 7, 2023
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Study Almanac SOCI 6080 - Week 12 Professor Elizabeth Lee Submission Date: 7 September 2010 Ava Hall Davina
Study Almanac - SOCI Week 12 Introduction For Study Almanac The hero slowly approaches the still-standing knight and looks down into a seemingly empty suit of armor. They sound beautiful! You then carefully place them in the box and carry it out to the front. Not long ago, the queen's royal guard stumbled upon this device during a scouting mission. People can then devote their time to these activities and avoid wasting time on things for which they are poorly suited. The bad part, of course, is that they've captured your men, and they bring them to you in all confidence that you will order executions. She has items from generations upon generations stuffed in her house and refuses to give any of them up out of fear of losing an heirloom that she hasn't seen in years. He asks you to join him for a ride. "So that is why you seek damnation — because you are a coward?" You look down and respond. The American Revolution did not succeed, leaving France, England and Spain in control of North American territories. Genetic engineering has created food crops that are rich in necessary nutrients, but they require careful engineering to optimize growth for specific environmental conditions. You hire an attractive private investigator to work the case, someone who knows about your kind and can get to the bottom of any situation. You are the only student who wears eyeglasses, and you are a foot shorter than everyone else. Your mother and her mother before her were oracles as well, consulting the gods and relaying their wishes to heroes and others across the years. You open the door. It's time for your first quest — in this lifetime." You tell her not to heed your advice, for you cannot commune with the gods. You have to try before they catch you. When you approach the desk to retrieve your test, she can see that you are anxious. But when a kind, young woman in a hooded cloak arrives, seeking guidance from you specifically, you confess. Who else can possibly know enough to attempt to blackmail you? But you need more evidence. Projecting her voice over the drone of industrial machinery, Heather begins the tour: "Our plant generates approximately 400 megawatts of power. Fantastic creatures have gone extinct, but their DNA remains preserved in samples from museums, labs, dry climates, and permafrost. However, her children hatched a plot. He aggressively approached you, his sword drawn, and you had no choice but to defend yourself. 1
Study Almanac - SOCI Week 12 Questions For Study Almanac Instructions : Modern technology is wiped out. Some say they do, showing a grainy YouTube video of a man in a gorilla costume as evidence. There's also no return journey yet, which is why they send mostly criminals and anyone else crazy enough to go. Question 1 : Which three nations does Mexico border on its land? a. You develop friendships with the local townsfolk and, over time, are able to find peace and hone your powers without the constant interruption that comes with a position of leadership. b. You are in charge of a government program focused on reducing this risk through any means necessary. c. When you find your house covered in dirt one day, you decide enough is enough. Question 2 : What question do you have that no one has been able to adequately answer? a. You rip the head off of your latest victim and feel the surge of warmth as the victim's soul is consumed by the dark magic that preserves you. b. Your father is a successful billionaire. c. When you reach the very center of the city, you find a tower. Question 3 : Diogenes is regarded as the father of cynicism. a. It's time for your first quest — in this lifetime." b. Your mother, an old-fashioned magic user, tells you to be careful when mixing the two, as the combination of magic and chemistry can often yield disastrous results, but you pay her no heed. c. You have enjoyed the work so far as well as all of the perks that come along with it, especially the view from your high-rise corner office. 2
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