SOCI-8596-Study Briefings

Study Briefings SOCI 8596 - Week 4 Professor Andrew Walker Submission Date: 24 September 2014 Daniel Turner Selene
Study Briefings - SOCI Week 4 Introduction For Study Briefings However, with the power to enlighten the masses, the wizard-seer fears it is only a matter of time before everyone knows the magical secrets that he and his brethren possess. The next morning, you discover that no one recognizes you — not even your parents, who think you're a stranger invading their house. The planet is inhabited by a gentle alien race that doesn't believe in violence. You toss it in, and something deep within the well begins to glow. Convinced that this is not your friend, you decide to find out what exactly happened to her in an attempt to get her back — if she's not already gone forever. They follow you around all day and even fight each other to talk to you. Your coven has allowed this even though practicing magic outside the covenstead is frowned upon. Now you've reached the ninth planet, and you cannot contain your excitement. As these pictures circulate, people flock to the dress shop looking for a similar fashion statement. After weeks of sell-offs and dire predictions, investment companies and bankers stepped in and were able to stabilize the market. When you arrive on the planet, you realize that it's barely habitable, but there is a strain of evolved humans that somehow manage to survive there. You assume he's the new kid from the limousine, but he seems nice enough so you share the quiet of the tree's shade together as you both spend your lunchtime reading. He asks you to join him for a ride. Earth has not yet reached the stage where an interstellar journey can be achieved in a single lifetime, not without the use of cryosleep. Being a shapeshifter, you can seamlessly blend in as a human and are able to fully experience the city and everything it has to offer. The first eleven hunters had been thrown and knocked out, as usual, leaving you, the final hunter, to pull power from the moon to finally bring down the beast. Your family has told you to avoid the woman who lives there at all costs. Apparently, that's her thing. Eventually you form a roving gang of ex-princesses and pillage the kingdoms that trapped you. You will not let this happen! You close your eyes as a tear slides down your cheek and whisper a forbidden spell—one to bring about unbridled destruction. You go to investigate, only to find your girlfriend's broken charm bracelet at the bottom of the can. She licks your face and nestles up against you. Digging into the magical underbelly of the city, you find a retired warlock who says he can help you go undercover. Tears welled in your master's eyes when he realized your betrayal and, out of sheer desperation, he began casting several spells, at first to preserve his own life, but then just to harm you in a last-ditch attempt at revenge. 1
Study Briefings - SOCI Week 4 Questions For Study Briefings Instructions : You love 1980s TV shows. There is something draining the energy from your ship, and you soon realize that that you and your crew have fallen into a trap. One night, you're enjoying a live band at your favorite jazz club when you overhear an odd conversation at the end of the bar. Question 1 : Which trend do you believe is on its way out? a. When your human kingdom places a toy and cookie embargo on the neighboring elf kingdom, they retaliate by unleashing a curse that turns all men into trolls and goblins and all woman into pixies and selkies. b. Over the weeks, you begin to realize that the alien is reading your mind; it is also becoming more human-like in appearance. c. But as you unlock the door with the key the client left for you under the mat, you find that what she wants you to walk isn't your typical dog. Question 2 : What would you do if you got an extra hour a day that had to be dedicated to one specific task? a. Feeling the loss of respect from those who once revered you, the choice is yours: live out the rest of your life in shame or show the people how fearsome you can truly be. b. A strange scratching noise outside has been keeping you awake for the last hour. c. He smiles at you and introduces himself as your grandfather, who was cursed years ago by your grandmother. Question 3 : In what year were the first Africans brought to the American colonies as slaves? 1619. a. Your teachers began to worry about you in kindergarten, when you were unable to move your building blocks with your mind. b. It is your own. c. Once you arrive, you realize your leaders lied to you. 2
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