5419611 Qualitative Research Methods and Human Behavior

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Nov 6, 2023
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2 Qualitative Research Methods and Human Behavior Date: Friday 7 th April 2023 Time: 12:45 pm - 1:15 pm The video provides an interesting glimpse into a day in the New York Times Square in the United States. During this observation period on EarthCam, the weather was cloudy. There were no major events, protests, or holiday that was influencing people's behavior. However, there was a wide range and rich array of human behavior and diverse activities, making the environment vibrant and dynamic. The people's movements differed, with some walking quickly to their destinations and others strolling and taking in the area's sights. There is also a sense of consideration among the people, as they frequently move out of the way to let others pass. Other than walking, people observed also engage in activities such as sitting alone, talking in small groups, or using their phones. Although the traffic was smooth, there was a constant flow of people and vehicles. The pedestrians carefully navigate the traffic, often for a break in the flow of vehicles before crossing the streets. Another notable feature in the video was the presence of commercialism in the area. Various billboards and advertisements played in the background, promoting different products and services. Although the constant video advertisements may be considered disruptive to the people's experiences at the New York Times Square, they appeared to be tolerant of them. Moreover, there seem to be significant retail services in the area since many buildings looked like storefronts for commercial buildings. Furthermore, the video highlights the diversity of people in the area. People of all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds walk on the sidewalks, adding to the area's vibrancy. Overall, the video highlights the intricate behavior and interactions in a busy and vibrant urban environment.
3 References YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-iS7LArMPA
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