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SPA 162
Nov 6, 2023
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3 — Birthdays and Parties LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Use expressions and vocabulary related to birthdays, parties, or other social invitations. How would you inform your friend that you're throwing a party? c.) Incorrect. Lanzar una fiesta (literally, to launch a party) is not idiomatic in Spanish. d.) Correct. Dar una fiesta (literally, to give a party) or organizar una fiesta (to organize a a.) Voy a echar una fiesta. b.) Voy a tirar una fiesta. c.) Voy a lanzar una fiesta. d.) Voy a dar una fiesta. Sophia PDF Version Birthdays and Parties In this lesson, you will learn how to discuss topics related to birthdays and parties in Spanish, including extending invitations and asking someone's age. Specifically, this lesson will cover: . Inviting Friends to a Party . Celebrating Someone's Birthday a. Birthday Traditions . Asking/Stating a Person's Age 1. Inviting Friends to a Party Having gatherings and celebrations is an important part of Hispanic culture. The majority of the people are social, warm, and hospitable; everyone tends to contribute by making a dish or helping with the arrangements for the party. WHAT'S COVERED Well done! You have completed this Challenge. EXIT THE CHALLENGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 UNIT 3 — CHALLENGE 3.3: Los días festivos y celebraciones / Holidays and Celebrations 5/6
party) are two ways to express that someone is throwing a party. GO TO THE NEXT QUESTION Incorrect So, how do you invite someone to a fiesta (party)? How do you accept or reject an invitation? Let's look at some vocabulary associated with invitations. Spanish English
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