SOC-1935-Academic Compendiums

Academic Compendiums SOC 1935 - Week 15 Dr. James Parker Submission Date: 23 February 2020 Mia Robinson Aleena
Academic Compendiums - SOC Week 15 Introduction For Academic Compendiums Well, enough is enough. In the dreams, a shadowy figure appears at the end of your bed. As you rummage through your bag for your book, you trip over a pair of legs sticking out from underneath your favorite tree, sending you sprawling. "No, I don't like that," George says. Your crew has been monitoring the surface for a week now, and there seems no way to sustain life. To your horror, you see a large hole looking down to the mortal realm. A woman appears in the mirror, offering you your heart's desire. One night, you notice the lights in the homes are on. After several elves are murdered, the police bring you in to investigate who is behind these gruesome acts. After your forces suffer a sound defeat at the Battle of Fort Bull, rumors emerge among the British soldiers that the French are being led by a woman with magical powers. You even tried to track one down once years ago, but ended up with nothing to show for it. As the leader of your clan of frogs, he reveals a shocking secret to you on his deathbed: All the males in your family can turn into a human —but only if they can convince a human to fall in love with them. You beckon them to approach, and the three men slowly oblige. Then, all of the dolls turn their heads toward you to shush you. The king sought to put their heads on pikes as a warning to all who dared speak against him. The vessel crashes into this wall, causing it to sink and drowning the invaders in the process. Tired and burnt out from your 12-hour nursing shift, you are more than ready to jump in your car and head home. Everyone else seems fascinated with who might be inside, but you walk on, assuming it is just another rich kid who will soon be teasing you. In the distance, the ground has been torn asunder. One crew member has discovered your hiding spot and begins to bring you food. He rushes out of the store. He asks you to join him for a ride. Feeling the loss of respect from those who once revered you, the choice is yours: live out the rest of your life in shame or show the people how fearsome you can truly be. Yes, they harbor disease—because it is illegal to give them medical care. 1
Academic Compendiums - SOC Week 15 Questions For Academic Compendiums Instructions : Others cry, knowing in their hearts they will never see their beloved sailors again. You've been a Federation Planetary Surveyor (FPS) for a decade now, and you've seen it all before. Artificial hearts, lungs, limbs, and livers repair the damage caused by poor choices and bad luck. Question 1 : Which moral obligations do team coaches have? a. As you stare at it, you realize that it is scared and wounded. b. When you find the man's robot chef holding a bloody knife above his corpse, you realize with dread that what your husband always feared has finally come to pass: A robot has gone mad. c. You seal the cockpit, confirm that your navigator is ready, and start the engines. Question 2 : What is the number of zeros in a thousand? a. As she embraces you, she tells you that, if you agree to fight on the side of the gods, your memory will live forever. b. You didn't know it at the time, but you were aiding your patients by absorbing their mental states. c. But a few weeks later, your friend goes missing. Question 3 : What kind of music does Lisa Simpson perform? a. Before you can react, the big man rushes forward and grabs the singer. b. The lights go out for a brief moment before flickering back on, and the elevator doors open. c. Your thoughts are elsewhere, anyway. 2
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