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Chapter 4 Sociology Estudia en línea en https://quizlet.com/_57u7ag Who believes that social institutions were originally designed to meet basic survival needs? conflict theorists functionalist theorists both conflict & functionalist theorists the status set Both the conflict & functionalist theorists Culture has a(n) _______ effect on people's lives. profound moderate occasional no profound The social institution of _____ would include groups or organiza- tions such as lawyers' associations, courts, and jails. religion the law the economy politics the law To interpret _____, we consider facial expressions, posture, and gestures. the extent of intimate distance body language stereotypes macro sociology body language Emile Durkheim was interested in how societies united their mem- bers by shared values and other social bonds to produce _____. social dissolution aggregation dissonance social integration social integration For Durkheim, people who performed similar tasks had in com- mon the way they looked at life, which he called _______. mechanical solidarity impromptu solidarity organic solidarity social class mechanical solidarity What do the German terms Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft mean? In which direction - toward which of the two - is society changing Gemeinschaft means intimate community Gesellschaft means impersonal association What does it mean to say that we become the roles that we play? As you play a role, you become more like it. It becomes incorpo- rated into our self-concept. The social construction of reality theory states that through _____, we construct what for us is reality. ethnomethodology interactions with others examinations introspection interactions with other Priest, minister, rabbi, and imam are examples of statuses asso- ciated with the social institution of _____. 1 / 7
Chapter 4 Sociology Estudia en línea en https://quizlet.com/_57u7ag religion the law the family medicine religion _____ refers to the typical ways society meets its essential needs. religion social institutions status social class social institutions When we belong to a group, who has the right to judge our behavior? no one only a court of law no one but ourselves the group the group Erving Goffman used the term _____ to mean that social life is like a drama or a stage play. proscenium dramaturgy movie rehearsal dramaturgy The term "organic solidarity" is based on the way that different members of society _____. intermarry need each other share the same status level exploit each other need each other One need addressed by _____ is the replenishment of the popu- lation medicine the family the economy education the family When clerks in stores smile at customers, they will be _____. assured of increased sales accepted in all cultures universally encourages creating discomfort in some cultures creating discomfort in some cultures Sakiko was a _______, so she was interested in micro sociology. functionalist symbolic interactionist structuralist conflict theorist symbolic interactionist Daughter, cousin, dad, and grandmother are examples of statuses associated with which social institution? The family medicine the family 2 / 7
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