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1 Sexual Abuse of Children It is a topic that is avoided at all costs. Many people ignore it even if it is happening right now. However, there are those who choose to ignore the facts. The reality is that homes, communities, and lives have been shattered. Readers might be wondering what on earth this is about. In a word, sexual abuse. Sexual abuse occurs when a person of any gender (including children) is subjected to sexually explicit behaviour or an act without their consent (World Health Organization, 2006). It describes sexual encounters between any two people, including adults and minors. Inappropriate kissing, hugging, or other forms of physical contact with a sexual overtone constitute sexual abuse. Sexual abuse of children is a widespread problem. Girls make up the vast majority of sexual abuse victims among children. Child sexual abuse is also more likely to be committed by someone the child knows and trusts, such as a family member or close friend (Cashmore & Shackel, 2013). Abuse of a child sexually by someone they do not know is less common than abuse by a family member. Ninety percent of sexual offences against children are committed by somebody the victim knew, according to studies and research (Walsh et al., 2019). Girls are disproportionately affected by child sexual abuse, according to global statistics. Most kids who have been sexually abused as children end up having emotional and behavioural issues as adults. Mood and anxiety disorders, as well as guilt, sexual dysfunction, withdrawal, and inappropriate behaviour, all contribute to this situation. Anxiety, despair, and terror are all on the rise in today's youth. As a result, many of the young victims become depressed, anxious, and melancholy. Depression is a real possibility if you suffer from flashbacks of abuse or are still dealing with it on a daily basis. Historically, sexual abuse has been pervasive, and a wide range of factors contribute to this problem. Inadequate housing, unemployment, lack of education, marital strife,
2 isolation and loneliness, and lack of social support are just a few of the factors that contribute to this problem. Having sex is a source of income for many people who are poor and jobless. They would only engage in prostitution for financial gain. Sexual abuse comes in many forms, and prostitution is one of them. Relationship issues, such as those in a marriage or with a new friend, are another possible reason. Sexual abuse has a devastating effect on relationships. It is not uncommon for men to physically abuse their wives; it is also common for males to abuse their girlfriends and lovers. Friends and acquaintances would gang up on someone and rape them. Some parents of uneducated children resort to sexually abusing or even murdering their children. These kids are at risk of abuse because their parents don't think they're worth living for. On the other hand, sex was never discussed in the classroom in times past. Parents and educators agreed that sex education should wait until a child is of legal age, such as marriage or adulthood. This leads to sexual abuse. The abuser is responsible for other aspects of sexual abuse. Usually, the person who sexually abuses others has their own reasons for doing so. Childhood sexual abuse has been linked to this disorder in some cases. They may have suffered from chronic sexual abuse in the past. Therefore, they would go around hurting other people. However, parents who themselves were sexually abused as children are more likely to perpetrate the same act upon their own child (Mathews et al., 2023). Sometimes parents will resort to sexual abuse to ensure their children are successful in school. People with shady intentions could utilise girls as a means to acquire funds by having sex with them or forcing them to do so. That being said, the drugs and cash are always the end goals for the hustlers. This leads individuals to engage in sexually abusive behaviour. Others who abuse do so because they are impaired by drink or drugs. Harmful drug use is a major contributor to the prevalence of sexual abuse. Many people have been sexually molested after being given the opportunity to use drugs in
3 public places like pubs and clubs. When someone takes drugs, they become unconscious. Intoxicated individuals frequently act aggressively and without proper judgement. Drunkenness, especially in the hands of addicts, can lead to aggressive behaviour and sexual behaviour that could lead to abuse. Mental illnesses are another common factor. Other sexual predators have histories of mental illnesses that could explain their outlandish behaviour. But for those who take this path, they feel completely worthless. They suffer from melancholy and eventually act violently towards others. There are consequences to sexual abuse as well. Sexual abuse causes victims to go through a difficult period in their lives (McKibbin & Humphreys, 2020). Pregnancy is a possible outcome of sexual abuse, which includes acts such as rape, prostitution, and many more. Sexual abuse has resulted in the pregnancies of many young girls and women. Others who have been sexually abused have suffered for quite some time. The result was an increase in cases of sadness and PTSD. Sexual abuse survivors may struggle with feelings of hopelessness and sadness. However, sexual abuse can also cause post-traumatic stress disorder. People who are sexually abused repeatedly may experience fear even when no abuse is taking place. A person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder could act in this way. Substance misuse is a symptom of a much larger problem. In reality, sexual abuse is a contributing factor. Many abused kids end up becoming addicts as adults. They have searched for joy their entire lives, but to no avail. Those who had experienced sexual abuse often looked to drugs as a source of joy, solace, and relief. Suicide became an inevitable outcome for many other sexual abuse survivors. They have lost all will to continue alive. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological condition that can develop as a result of sexual abuse (Julich, 2005). Victims and their abusers might develop an emotional relationship known as Stockholm syndrome. The term "Stockholm Syndrome" was coined
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