1. Myth of a Sanitized Civil Rights Movement: The book challenges the myth of a sanitized and simplified version of the Civil Rights Movement, which often presents figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks as docile and one-dimensional figures. It emphasizes the complexity and activism of these figures, as well as their commitment to broader issues beyond desegregation. 2. Myth of Northern Innocence: The book dispels the myth that racism and segregation were only problems in the Southern United States. It highlights the struggles for desegregation in the North, such as New York and Boston, and the role of both official actions and polite White resistance in maintaining racial segregation outside the South. 3. Myth of Media Objectivity: The book points out the role of the media in misrepresenting and downplaying Black peaceful protests, often portraying activists as dangerous or ineffective. It shows how the media naturalized the perspectives of affluent Whites and failed to cover issues of police brutality and segregation in the North. 4.
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