Research Paper Rubric

Research Question- On average, do obese individuals have a higher average length of hospital stay as compared to individuals who are not obese? Introduction and research methods description All the following are true: • The research question is appropriately stated • The research hypothesis is appropriately stated • Given the research variable (or variables), appropriate descriptive statistics is/are chosen to describe the provided data • Given the research variable or variables chosen for the analysis, appropriate inferential statistics have been chosen for the analysis Findings (Descriptive statistics) All of the following need to be true: • Descriptive statistics that are applicable to the variable (or variables) have been calculated • The calculated measures (descriptive statistics) can guide the next step of the analysis (which is making correct decision about the application of inferential statistics) • The presentation of the descriptive statistics includes statements regarding the decision about the next step (i.e., what inferential statistics will be calculated) • The statement about the next step is accurate Findings (Inferential Statistics) All of the following need to be true: • Inferential statistics that are applicable to the variable/variables (and the research hypothesis) have been calculated • All the steps that are required to conduct inference have been correctly specified and set up. • The appropriate (and correct) test statistics has been calculated • The result of inference (e.g., the decision from hypothesis testing or point and interval estimations) have been appropriately summarized using APA style Discussions / Conclusions All of the following need to be true • The discussion correctly summarizes the findings of the analysis • The discussion includes appropriate generalization/ generalization from sample to a population • Given the sample, the reference population is accurately stated • The discussion includes the implication that can be drawn from the findings Article type expectations-
The manuscript is complete in meeting the APA expectations for a quantitative articles
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