Social Change Paper

SOC 218: Social Change Paper This paper will be a minimum of 4 pages on a person or a group that is working to address diversity, equity, or inclusion issues in society. This assignment is a research paper. The paper requires objectivity and the ability to apply sociological concepts to the selected topic. This paper requires several different tasks so it will be helpful to break the paper into sections with headings. That way you will have clearly identified what areas below are being addressed in each section. The structure of the paper should be as follows (use the list below as a checklist when completing your paper): _____1. Introduction: Introductory paragraph to the topic. The introduction should include a preview of the main points and purpose of the paper. Include a thesis statement. _____2. Research findings: Clearly state, describe and explain the diversity, equity, or inclusion issue and present the research findings (what are the problems and consequences of the lack of equity or diversity). Be clear and detailed in your explanations. _____3. Sociology Concepts: Apply a minimum of 2 sociological concepts from the framework essay to the social issue to reflect your understanding of the research topic. Clearly and thoroughly define sociological concepts. _____4. Social Change Agents: Introduce an individual or group who is working to address the social issue presented. Provide information about the strategies they are using to change the problem and the effectiveness of their strategies thus far. _____5. Conclusion: Identify a conclusion based on the research presented. Summarize the implications of the research presented. This paper will be graded on the above criteria and the following: (10% of grade) The ability to communicate using proper English grammar and writing mechanics. This will include - but is not limited to- correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and word usage. (10% of grade) Use of four or more credible sources to support the sociological analysis. In-text citations and Works Cited page should follow the necessary guidelines for the selected documentation style (i.e., MLA or APA).
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