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Academic Articles SOCIOLOGY 7143 - Week 3 Professor Benjamin Lewis Submission Date: 6 November 2014 James Brown Louisa
Academic Articles - SOCIOLOGY Week 3 Introduction For Academic Articles You reread the letter and find a P.S. You shake your head, knowing that you haven't spent more than an hour trying to figure this out. If you want to save your experiments— and the romance you may have—you must convince Aasha that trust and mutual support, not control and fear, are the path to a better universe. You open your eyes to find the fox running away from the bunnies, who are now the size of your mom's car. You toss it in, and something deep within the well begins to glow. Eventually you find it sitting in the back of your wardrobe. A couple of months ago, you decided to start using a powerful glamour charm that you found on Etsy and, after week of wearing it around town, your desirability ranking shot up to the number one position. A woman appears in the mirror, offering you your heart's desire. You are shocked, doubting whether such a marriage can be possible, whether such a secret should be kept, and whether it is your responsibility to decide. The hero slowly approaches the still-standing knight and looks down into a seemingly empty suit of armor. The first day passes smoothly. You never thought of yourself as a kidnapper, let alone someone who would alter the genetic makeup of your victims, but you will do anything to make your dream come true. Meanwhile, the neighbor believes that one of your kids is tearing up his yard. You try to ignore it, believing that it's probably just a tree branch scraping against your window, but it continues to disturb you. When someone in your online group chat offers you an exclusive beta-testing code, you jump at the opportunity. Now completely comprised of fantasy creatures, the once human inhabitants of this kingdom must deal with all baggage and annoyances that come from being a fantasy character. Hesitantly, you twist the doorknob and are surprised when it opens. An android has served your family for four generations: caring for children and the elderly, celebrating birthdays and holidays, and telling family stories that family members have long forgotten. The Huns race over China. You've been kidnapped, added to the group of women he manipulates into coming to the Underworld with him. You have always been able to see ghosts from the corner of your eye. However, upon your return you realize how much time has passed on Earth. I let our home burn to the ground." The woman turns her head toward you. Then you notice her standing there: your queen, the goddess Hecate. 1
Academic Articles - SOCIOLOGY Week 3 Questions For Academic Articles Instructions : You take it, envisioning yourself as the champion of your friend group who will be applauded for showing them exclusive content for a game they all love. One day after work you decide to join the walkers just for fun. Less than a day later, news stations are going wild with reports of crime and even the threat of war on the horizon. Question 1 : What have you borrowed but never returned? a. You hope for a new life, perhaps in India if the ships makes it that far. b. Violent crime is at all-time high levels. c. You are now on a quest to break this strange carnival curse and relinquish the crown you never asked for in the first place. Question 2 : What changes do you believe could be made to better the media? a. Home is not some faraway planet. b. You investigate the cause and find it is indeed a neurological virus that is spread by the spores of local plants, causing anyone who breathes them to go mad. c. Curious, you enter, and find an old man behind the counter selling small, cloudy looking bottles with something strange swirling within them. Question 3 : Should convicted paedophiles have access to their children? a. You immediately recognize her as Cinderella. b. Is your brother party to an anti-Federation plot? If so, do you approve? The Federation has its faults, but you'd much rather they maintain control than lose it to those bloodthirsty aliens on the border. c. As scientists have become increasingly adept at predicting how DNA sequences affect biological structures and behaviors, you have developed a cottage industry catering to customers who want to genetically engineer and raise fantastical creatures such as dinosaurs and dragons. 2
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