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HS 303
Nov 3, 2023
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Assignment 5.3 Can you add any rules to the 8 Rules for Safety? What rules and Why? I think I would add some extra rules about social media and electronic devices. All of these rules are great, but there are no rules to guide a parent through our modern society. For example, if a stranger tried to talk to my child on the internet, it would be similar to the rule about talking to a stranger in person. I would make a rule about not "adding" or socializing with people they don't know. I feel like children are more venerable over the internet because they see whatever is in front of them. The profile picture may not even be the person they are talking to. How hard is it to maintain these rules? I do not believe it is hard to maintain the rules, I think it may be harder for the child to stand their ground and then come and tell their parent about the interaction. The child may fear that they will be punished and that they are being forced into keeping a secret from them. Does it become more difficult each year as the child gets older all the way through the teenage years? Why is this? I believe that younger children may come forward faster than a teenager. For example, the rule that says to tell a parent before they accept drugs may be tricky. I think that a teenager is going to live by the saying, "it's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission". A teenager that is being peer pressured into doing something may fear rejection if they decline. My children were never left alone with any medical professional. Do you think I overreacted after counseling children who were abused by their pediatrician? I do not believe that being with a child during a doctor's visit is an overreaction. As the child grows older and they feel more comfortable speaking for themselves they may ask you to step out to discuss a private matter with the doctor. That is not saying that a parent is over barring or that they do not trust you, maybe it is just something they are not ready to tell you yet and they just need help from a medical professional. For example, my mother went with me to all of my visits until I was 18. On one occasion I asked my mom for help because I was having extreme bleeding with my periods. She took me to the doctor, and they suggested that I get the "bar" of birth control placed in my arm. After six months of nonstop bleeding, I sort of went behind my mom's back and had the doctor remove it. I later told her about the situation, and she was more concerned that I didn't come to her first, but she was proud that I made the decision to go back and see my doctor.
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