@) https://fl.app.edmentum.com/asmssnwnls—d('lwmy/l1.')Ir/|n/lmmr.h/ll9849620/45468158/aHROcHM6Ly9mMSSthAu' 11', Viewing Answers 18 Correct L iv' Select the comrect answer. How does H. G. Wells refute the theory of social Darwinism in The Time Machine? A. Dby showing that the future human race is free from labor or any form of danger v B. Dby showing that both the upper and lower classes have evolved into degraded forms C. Dby showing that humankind would slowly triumph over all forms of disease and iliness D. by showing that the future servants serve their masters without requiring payment E. by showing that humans of the future retain their social roles and power structures
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