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Page 1 SOCI: Lab Question 1: Which Elton John hit starts with the line quot;When are you gonna come downquot;? a. a. Rocket Man b. !Goodbye Yellow Brick Road c. Crocodile Rock d. Bennie and the Jets Question 2: Which of these songs is NOT included in the Suicide Squad OST? a. a. !Skies on Fire ACDC b. Without Me Eminem c. Heathens Twenty One Pilots d. Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival Question 3: What was found in 1946 by two young shepards near a cave? a. a. Sheep b. The Blackbeard Chest c. !Dead Sea Scrolls d. The First Oaxaca Cave Sleeper Question 4: In quot;Earthboundquot;, how does one enter quot;Master Belch039;squot; factory? a. a. Enter the password quot;Mr Saturn Droolsquot; b. Enter the password quot;Master Belch Rulesquot; c. !Wait 3 Minutes d. Enter the password quot;Fly Honeyquot; Question 5: Which of the following games was NOT included in Valve039;s Orange Box? a. a. Portal b. !CounterStrike c. Team Fortress 2 d. HalfLife 2: Episode Two Question 6: What is the plane of existence in MicroProse039;s 1997 quot;Magic the Gatheringquot;? a. a. Theros b. !Shandalar c. Amonkhet d. Ravnica Question 7: Chino Moreno is the lead singer of which alternative metal band? a. a. Tool b. Type O Negative c. !Deftones d. Korn Question 8: The ancient city of Chicheacute;n Itzaacute; was built by which civilization? a. a. Toltecs b. !Mayans c. Aztecs d. Incas Question 9: The word quot;abuliaquot; means which of the following? a. a. The inability to concentrate on anything b. A feverish desire to rip one039;s clothes off c. The inability to stand up
Page 2 d. !The inability to make decisions Question 10: Who is the creator of the soft drink, Dr. Pepper? a. a. Boris Heviltik b. Johnson Hinsin c. James Wellington d. !Charles Alderton Question 1: In which city, is the Big Nickel located in Canada? a. a. Calgary, Alberta b. !Sudbury, Ontario c. Victoria, British Columbia d. Halifax, Nova Scotia Question 2: The Swedish word quot;Grunkaquot; means what in English? a. a. Place b. !Thing c. Pineapple d. People Question 3: Which of these animals is NOT a lizard? a. a. !Tuatara b. Gila Monster c. Green Iguana d. Komodo Dragon Question 4: What is the secondlargest city in Lithuania? a. a. Klaipda b. !Kaunas c. Panevys d. Vilnius Question 5: How many voice channels does the Nintendo Entertainment System support natively? a. a. 4 b. 6 c. 3 d. !5 Question 6: If someone said quot;you are olidquot;, what would they mean? a. a. You are incomprehensiblean idiot. b. You are out of shapeweak. c. !You smell extremely unpleasant. d. Your appearance is repulsive. Question 7: Which of the following is the term for quot;surgical complications resulting from surgical sponges left inside the patient039;s body? a. a. Gongoozler b. Meupareunia c. !Gossypiboma d. Jentacular Question 8: Which of the following mathematicians made major contributions to game theory? a. a. Stefan Banach b. Carl Friedrich Gauss c. !John Von Neumann d. Leonhard Euler
Page 3 Question 9: The son of which pope supposedly held a lecherous fecirc;te involving 50 courtesans in the papal palace? a. a. Urban II b. !Alexander VI c. Pius III d. Innocent V Question 10: Which of the following physicists did NOT work on the Manhattan project? a. a. !Murray GellMann b. John VonNeumann c. Richard Feynman d. J. Robert Oppenheimer Question 1: Which of these songs is not by Tatsuro Yamashita? a. a. Let039;s Dance Baby b. !Lucky Lady Feel So Good c. MerryGo Round d. Love Talkin039; Question 2: In quot;It039;s Always Sunny in Philadelphiaquot; what was the name of Frank039;s wrestling persona? a. a. Bird of War b. !The Trash Man c. Day Man d. The Maniac Question 3: How much horsepower is produced by the SD402 Locomotive? a. a. 2,578 b. 3,200 c. !3,000 d. 2,190 Question 4: Which of the following languages does NOT use gender as a part of its grammar? a. a. Danish b. Polish c. German d. !Turkish Question 5: In quot;Haloquot;, what is the name of the planet which Installation 04 orbits? a. a. !Threshold b. Sanghelios c. Substance d. Te Question 6: What kind of train was Stepney, a train on the Bluebell Railway notable for his appearance in quot;The Railway Seriesquot;? a. a. LBamp;SCR E2 b. LBamp;SCR D1 c. !LBamp;SCR A1X d. LBamp;SCR J1 Question 7: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands in South East Asia are controlled by which country? a. a. Vietnam b. !India c. Thailand d. Indonesia
Page 4 Question 8: What was the name of the rock band that Nobuo Uematsu formed that played songs from various Final Fantasy games? a. a. !The Black Mages b. The Final Fantasies c. The Espers d. The Rock Summoners Question 9: What is the fourth digit of pi;? a. a. 4 b. !1 c. 2 d. 3 Question 10: In The Lies Of Locke Lamora, what does quot;Lamoraquot; mean in Throne Therin? a. a. Justice b. Chaos c. !Shadow d. Thievery
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