Concepts of Crime and Deviance

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Nov 1, 2023
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!oncepts of !rime and 'eviance ªociology rsrodule 2
ªocial rder Ɣ ± social order refers to a system of people, relationships and customs, all these together operating smoothly to accomplish the work of a society. tuto society can function effectively unless behaviour can be predicted. rderliness depends on a network of roles. ·he network of reciprocal rights and duties is kept in force through social control.
ªocial !ontrol Ɣ ·hese are all of the formal and informal mechanisms and internal and external controls that operate to produce conformity in a society. Ɣ UUVUt is all those means and processes whereby a group or a society secures conformity of its member to its expectations. Ɣ UUVUt is those ways used by a society to bring its way ward members back into line and limit deviations from social norms. Ɣ ·he main types of ªocial !ontrol are Iormal and UUVUnformal. oth these forms of social control operate with the use of tutegative and  Ÿositive ªanctions. ĂĂĂĂĂĂ ŷğğğĂĂĂ ' ğğğ××××ŃŃúúúúŌŌžŷ " ŌŌôôôôģģģ××××ĸĸ !ŌŌŃŃŷŪŌŌĸĸ"
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