DD102 EMA Tutorial 2021

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May 20, 2023
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Bringing it all together EMA Prep Cut off date: 16 th September Adobe Connect 10.30 am with Dave Sutton and Chris Shelley
16 th September Deadline Note this is AN ABSOLUTE DEADLINE. You must ensure that your work is submitted before 12 noon (UK local time) on the cut-off date. There is a grace period of 12 hours , which means that any submissions received before midnight will still be accepted. Work received at, or even a few seconds after, midnight will be considered late. The University will consider Special Circumstances providing they are reported within certain timeframes (see Assessment Handbook ) (click on links in red to access). If you have any serious reason that prevents you working on/submitting the EMA in the weeks leading up to the due date do not wait until after 16 th September to tell us! In the first instance contact your tutor Depending on evidence (can provide retrospectively - but you must contact SST before or on the day ) there are also options that do not require repeat of the whole module.
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Uploaded by BarristerSnail2988 on coursehero.com