Labeling Theory Lecture

Criminological Theories Labeling Theory
Labeling Theory History ƚ The theory became widely accepted during the ±"²³s as a viable approach to crime and deviance´ but a series of critiques that came out during the ±" ³s undermined its popularityµ ƚ During the past few decades´ there have been significant attempts to improve the scientific rigor of labeling researchµ
Labeling Theory History ƚ The theory assumes that although deviant behavior can initially stem from various causes and conditions´ once individuals have been labeled or defined as deviants´ they often face new problems that stem from the reactions of self and others to negative stereotypes ¶ stigma · that are attached to the deviant label Lemert ¶±"² · ƚ Deviant behavior can become "means of defense´ attack´ or adaptation" to the problems created by deviant labelingµ Ƃ Thus´ being labeled or defined by others as a criminal offender may trigger processes that tend to reinforce or stabilize involvement in crime and deviance´ net of the behavioral pattern and the social and psychological conditions that existed prior to labelingµ
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