Globalisation 09-10

Globalisation SO1006 Module convenor: Dr Sarita Malik Venue: LCB Wednesday, 9-11
Globalisation SO1006 Globalisation has become a key buzz word for academics, politicians, and policy makers. But what exactly does globalisation mean? This module provides an introduction to debates around this important concept. In particular the module asks what is 'global' about 'globalisation' and, as a result, seeks to critically explore the extent which we do in fact live in a global world. The module approaches these aims by unpacking some of the ideas, meanings, and theories surrounding globalisation through empirical examples. In addition, the module will look at the rise of globalisation and the various guises globalisation takes in different social formations and institutions. The two main aims of the module are: 1. To develop the ability of students to assess the relationship between globalisation and its different formations. 2. To develop the capacity of students to select, evaluate and compare evidence on the nature of globalisation and its effects. LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR THE MODULE The module provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas: Knowledge and Understanding An understanding of key perspectives, concepts and arguments in the sociology of globalisation. A sociologically informed understanding of the ways in which globalisation affects structures, processes and social groups in societies. Cognitive (thinking) Skills The ability to assess the appropriateness of evidence used in arguing that globalisation is the dominant social force in the world. The ability to draw on evidence in support of written analysis and argumentation. Transferable Skills The ability to apply evidence in support of detailed analysis and argumentation. Written communication skills commensurate with coherent analysis. Logical Argument Independent Judgement Relate to Wider Context
Useful Web Sites for General Use Please Note: If you find a website but are unsure of its academic status (e.g. if you are unsure whether you should use it in a piece of coursework) please ask for advice from the module convenor. Avoid using websites like Wikipedia in coursework assignments as these are not vetted by the academic community. Web sites for sociologists Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) SocioSite (Albert Benschop) Sociological Research Online A Sociological Tour through Cyberspace (Michael C. Kearl) Encarta Online Sociology News BBC The Guardian News and Newspapers Online (a listing of online newspapers throughout the world) For 'alternative' news sources try: Organisations The World Bank
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