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Karam1 Meryam Karam Professor Maridelys Detres SOC-110HM-CA01 22 February 2023 Photo Voice Project This picture was taken by me on January 14 at The Villa Casa Casuarina At The Former Versace Mansion. I chose this picture because it shows the segregation of places that are considered fancy. The Villa Casa is a very high-end restaurant and was owned by the founder of the high-end fashion brand Versace. There is very little diversity seen in this picture with only a few people of color with the majority of patrons being White. This picture gravitates toward the Naturalization of Color Blindness. Naturalization of Color Blindness is the thought that racial groups lean towards familiarity and suggests that races tend to stick together because it feels recognizable to them. In this picture, you can see Naturalized Color Blindness because racial groups are sticking together in tables. Each table is separated by race with White people and people of color sticking to their own respective tables. My proposed solution to this problem is to have a long table where patrons can sit down next to each other and possibly spark conversation with the person sitting next to them who might be of a different race or culture to break down
Karam2 barriers so people could be more comfortable with inviting a diverse group of friends and sitting with them at separate tables. I took this picture on February 22, 2023, at the Saint Leo dining hall. I chose this picture because it shows a place with high diversity, but the tables are still segregated. Universities usually have a diversified student population, and Saint Leo is no exception. Saint Leo has a lot of students of color and international students. However, in this picture, we can see that different racial groups are sitting separately from each other. This is an example of Naturalized Color Blindness. I say this because people are sitting with someone from the same racial group as them. We can also see that people are sitting with people of the same religion as them with the Ash cross seen on two people sitting next to each other. Naturalized Color Blindness is defined as people grouping with others similar to them in race due to the feeling of familiarity, such as sharing the same culture. We can resolve this segregation by creating events that take place at the dining hall that gets students to group up with each other in diversified groups to show them that they are not different from each other. These activities could also create new diversified friend groups that will sit next to each other during lunch in the future and solve segregation by creating diverse tables.
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