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[Last Name] 1 Britney Breaux Dr. Jo-Ann Stankus WMST201-7XA September 10, 2022 Midterm Paper After reading all three articles the two that stuck out to me the most was Radium Girls and When Women Join the Workforce, Rising Wages- Including for Men. Radium Girls is a tragic true story, and my thought is how can anyone put someone else's life in danger knowing the potential impact it can have on someone's life. Even though they won the case, in the end lives were still lost and they continued to allow these women to continue to work. In the article about woman joining the workforce the percentage was a bit shocking and how it doubled by the 1950s. Growing up my mom never had to work, my dad took care of all the bills and finances. For a long time, I thought that when I grew up that is how I would be a "stay at home mom" as some call it. I was in middle school when I realized that "moms" worked. After seeing the percentages and data I do not believe that we are going to see wage growth no matter if you are a man or a woman because as of right now, we have an inflation of goods, but no increase in wages. At my place of employment, I do not believe they have many people that do all the things that I do. I work at a small family-owned business, and I am the manager, while others may have the same "job title" as me. My responsibilities out way my pay big time. I do not get paid what an average manager position should get paid. While I will disclose how much I get paid, the problem lies with the fact that I do not just have an 8-5 job. I am constantly being called and they depend on me to do everything. Just some of my duties include handling Firearms, Silencers, inventory, employees, accounting receivables and payables, orders, and so much more. I love my job, but I will see others get hired to try and take over some of my responsibilities (mostly men)
[Last Name] 2 and they will start out making more than me and then quit less than 4 months later. I have been at this place since they opened in 2011. I have gotten a raise 2 times. It is very unlikely they will find someone to do my job with my pay. After I graduate, I will be pursuing my career in my field of study. I recently had a very good friend call me crying because her boss told her in these exact words "you make enough money as a woman, my wife never made that much," I did not know how to respond. I was so shocked by the initial statement because I could not believe he had enough guts to tell her this to her face. The problem with this situation is he not only said this to her face he also said it to some fellow co-workers. That is the worst thing an employer can do to anyone much less a woman and to her face. When it comes to exploitation with women in the workforce, I believe a lot more people have started to speak up about them. I know one article recently I read with one of the attorneys in the Attorney General's Office in Louisiana was exposed for sexual harassment and he was reprimanded for his actions. In the 90s, I do not believe that it was ok to speak about the things that were happening with women in the workforce such as under paid and sexual harassment. I also think women in the 90s were considered lucky if they even got a job or a "man's job." I believe the more we speak about what happens and confront the problems we as women face the more we will gain as far as women's right and exploitation against women. Many people look at certain job titles as "womans job" such as daycare worker or housework. I also viewed them as a "womans job" until I did research on this paper. Before I would have frowned upon a man watching my child at a daycare center, that daycare would never be an option for me. The man who is looking for house to clean would not have even been considered in my mind. I now have an open mind when it comes to classifying a "job title." It is unfair to classify jobs as men or women position. A women can make a great mechanic and a man can make a housekeeper. Some
[Last Name] 3 other factors of exploitation are pregnant women, some employers will refuse to hire women who are pregnant. Women who work in other parts of the world experience much greater exploitation and treated unfairly. The International Labour Organization estimates that domestic work is one of the most common forms of employment for women - 1 in every 13 female wage earners globally, and as many as 1 in 4 in Latin America. Only 10% of domestic workers worldwide are employed in countries that extend them equal protection under national labor laws. Some 30% work in countries ranging from the United Arab Emirates to Singapore that exclude domestic workers from labor laws completely, leaving them without such basic protections as a minimum wage, overtime pay, rest days, or social security. A lot of women in other countries experience unfair work environments such as unpaid wages, working from early morning until late at night with few or no breaks, and in some cases physical or sexual abuse. Many of these workers have do not have access to information for legal protection. In Cambodia where 90% of the workforce is women they experience forced overtime, lack of rest breaks, sexual harassment, and child labor. These are just a few of the key points that I read in an article. I do not understand how other countries see no issue in how women are being treated and how they think this should be allowed. References
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