Week 1

Week 1 2. Assessing Nitin: Transition as a lifelong project 2. Assessing Nitin: transition as lifelong project 2. Assessing Nitin: transition as lifelong project and the impact of COVID u Now, more than ever, your transitions to work are unlikely to be linear u You, like I, will have to leverage (and continue to build) y/our "human" skills - u Curiosity and open to learning u Interpersonal and intercultural communication and collaboration u Relationship building u Working with technology u More on this next week! 3. Exploring how work has been transforming during the pandemic u Essential vs. non-essential work divide u Essential workers faced higher risks of COVID-19 infection u Impacts of social determinants of health (how those living with lower incomes, less education, less-secure employment with few benefits and sick days, those who could not socially distance at homes, etc. faced increase risks From Toronto Went to Queen's for Commerce for one year, left and went to McGill for philosophy and anthropology MA at UofT/OISE Went to Rice U in Houston to complete PhD in Cultural Anthropology Fieldwork in London, UK on urban revitalization Wanted to work in NYC and got a job in advertising as a brand planner Got laid off and came back to Toronto Worked as an anthropologist in consumer research; got fired While on EI, wrote short stories - published book in 2008 Needed a job, got into teaching - Humber, McMaster, Guelph-Humber Teaching more adults Completed a certificate in Adult Training and Development in 2015 & became a certified learning and development professional Since 2015, teaching more professional learners in continuing education Since 2018, Study Abroad course leader - India, Italy, and hopefully Spain/Portugal next Continuing research - completed project on TPS and higher education in 2016; published articles after long absence Finishing research on gender inclusion in police recruitment DE course design/delivery in BAA, ECS, CSS and externally With COVID, learned to do webinars on intercultural competence, EDI and future of work Building networks and collaborations (leading to external work) Volunteering for ROM
u Lower income, newcomer and racialized Canadians more adversely affected u " She-cession": females in-person (retail, hospitality, restaurants, hair salons, caregiving, etc.) were more adversely affected than men by COVID: u Greater impacts on mothers when schools were closed 3. Exploring how work has been transforming during the pandemic u Privilege/luxury for those who could work remotely/from home u These people learned that they could stay engaged/productive virtually u Research in North America suggest that many people want flexibility and the ability to work from home at least a few days a week u Some argue that remote work is here to stay u Remote/virtual work u Some people decided they could leave the big city u Remote/virtual learning u Growing demand for remote learning, even at undergraduate level
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