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May 19, 2023
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ownloads/Kami%20Export%20-9%204.1.4%20Journal9620-9%20Slope%20(Journal)%20(1).pdf G Google | TCUSD - My Apps G 1 1 gmail Prodigy |Login G willow prject Read aloud 3 of 5 rate of change, 1 for the total elevation change) the slope tells us that the rate of change was 10 and the total elevaben chargin was 130 The Middle of the Hike 4. What is the slope of the graph between 120 and 150 minutes? What does this mean in terms of change in elevation? (2 points: 1 for the slope. 1 for the explanation) the elope of the graph between 120 and 150 is 0. which means the when the time changed between, 120 and 150. the elevation was unchanged the points of the's of the graph between 120 and 150 mins were (120,1500) and (150 1500) 5. Emest thinks that Ryan rested between 120 and 150 minutes. Emma thinks he walked on a flat part of the trail during that time. Whose hypothesis is valid: Ernest's, Emma's, or both? Write a detailed explanation of whether each hypothesis is an acceptable interpretation of the graph. (4 points) Emest's hypothesis (resting between 120 and 150 minutes). Emest's hypothesis is correct because during the 30 mins, we do not know what Ryan was doing except from the lact that the elevation didn't change That means that he could have been resting, walking, or anything 9
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