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CHEM 111
Aug 13, 2023
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Share his word The word that the Lord loves me and he loves you We come to share the very word that says He first loved us The he so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever call on him shall not Parrish, but have everlasting life I can remember time In my life, when I didn't even love myself, because I didn't love myself I abused myself, by being a crackhead and alcoholic, a thief, a jail, my life was a mess , Oh but a met a man The late beloved Bishop Donnie Banks who introduced me to a man ...Jesus Christ! We want to share with you the word of God : That says God has come to seek and save that which is lost Are you lost ? God can find you , he will help you! We want to share the WOG that if man be in Christ he is a new creature , These men and women of God , my brothers and sisters in Christ. Have all been made new We did always look, act or think the way we do today . We accepted the Lord into our hearts and he changed into new creatures. New creations Will you be made new ? Will you allow God to chang you! The change is from the inside of you Your mind your Heart And the the outside You will look different! There is nothing that you've ever done that God won't forgive you of and change you! All you have to do is accept into your life His Word says all who call on the name of Jesus shall be saved! The time to call on Jesus is now! Hallelujah! Today is the day ..to ask what must I do to be saved ? We found the answer . It's Jesus! I say do it now His word in Is 55:6 Seek the Lord while he can be found call on him while he is near! Find him not just for you but for your children. We are living in a world that wants to teach our your children that anything goes and everything is alright They telling them ...to Do you! Back in the day it's was a song that said It's your thang , thang do what you want to do! In can't tell you who to sock it to. The devil is a liar!Parents! You better tell your kids leave them thangs alone and don't be socking it to nobody The world is leading our children fdown the road of Destruction! Too much of everything is going on in this world . The word of God in Matthew 7:13 It says (read) There is plenty of drugs ,murder , sex , homosexuality, drinking , pill popping, having our young men and women incarcerated , on this wide road of destruction Ask me how I know , I traveled that rode . But there is another road Hallelujah , it's the narrow road , the road of salvation The road that leads to Jesus Christ our Lord..Amen The wide road of destruction is overrated and over crowded. The narrow road is tight, it's narrow but everybody in this whole wide world can fit! IF .....I SAY IF...the whole wide world would accept the Lord into they life. I'm sorry you, Nobody is just going to Heaven You have to be a born again! There is no once save , always
saved I tell you this out of pure love . I thank God that some loved me enough to tell me the truth. We want you to know we love you No you don't know us personally and we don't know you. But it is our passion and desire for you to know the Lord! And to know the great love he has for you It is the same love that God as commanded us to love one another just as he has loved us! It's not hard. Sister I love you Brother I love you.(BLESS GIFTS HERE ????) We are here to share with you all what we have been given through the power of Gods holy word! The word of that says that he would not want that any of us Parish! God is waiting for you , he does not lie. God is our ver present help He is the one we look to for EVERYTHING Ps 121:1 says I lift up my eyes to the hills Where does my help come from,my help come from the Lord Which made heaven and earth He will not suffer thy foot to be moved He that keepth thee will not slumber Behold he the keeps Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep Hallelujah Amazing God watches over you in mercy or in grace! If you are saved thank him for his grace . But if you are not saved If the Lord came back right now Simply put Would you go to heaven ? Would heaven be your home ? Afford opportunity call on the Lord Repeat these words after me .....if anyone wants prayer afterwards, please come forward so that we may pray for you. .....Repentance Prayer
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