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Jul 12, 2023
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MCPS Resource Native Americans and US Assimilation Policy paragraph * @ @ kami File Edit View Insert Format Tools Extensions Help Accessibility @ 5 4 100% - Normal text - Cambr... 11 + B I U A / C H J B - BE ME . briefly, saying my plan for the year was to teach in an Eastern Indian school. ... As months passed over me, I slowly comprehended that the large army of white teachers in Indian schools [were mainly looking out for their self interest, not the wellbeing of their students]. In the process of my education I had lost all consciousness of the natural world about me. Thus, when a hidden rage took me to the small white-walled prison which I then called my room, I unknowingly turned away from my one salvation. For the white man's papers I had given up my faith in the Great Spirit. For these same papers I had forgotten the healing in trees and brooks. On account of my mother's simple view of life, and my lack of any, I gave her up, also. I made no friends among the race of people I loathed. Like a slender tree, I had been uprooted from my mother, nature, and God. I was shorn of my branches, which had waved in sympathy and love for home and friends. 4. What was Zitkala-Sa's perspective on her education in the Indian School? A. She was grateful for the experience and knowledge she gained. B. She appreciated the dedication of the white teachers. C. She regretted losing her beliefs, traditions, and home as a result of her education. D. She was disappointed that her mother did not support her desire for an education. AME
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