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Jun 6, 2023
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Cognitive Bias Cognitive bias is a negative phenomenon in a leadership context. Leaders often look at trends in organizations and the performance of employees. Some of the leaders often believe that the situation is likely to remain the same. A leader can review the trend and make it an essential strategy to improve the organizational and employee performance. An employer can develop strategies to help an organization improve their performances. As a leader, I can use cognitive bias to my advantage by identifying the weaknesses that employees have and working on them. I address the issues with the employees through group meetings and help them to improve their activities. For example, workers who have poor performances in sales can improve their performances in the way they carry out their duties. I donate my time to assist them in understanding what is expected of them, and we meet once or twice a week to assess how the changes are progressing. We don't expect leaders to have all the answers to all of the problems. Some people are predisposed to believe in cognitive biases. This is why it is critical to involve the entire team in brainstorming alternative solutions. It helps everyone think more clearly and gives the team a sense of inclusion.
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