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May 31, 2023
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diathesis - stable vulnerabilities that increase risk for mental illness Beck's cognitive theory - depression results from neg interpretation of everyday events Becks' cog triad - negative views about self/world/future all influence each other - can target these neg views in therapy What are Burns' 3 "errors in thinking" that affect MDD? 1. ALL OR NOTHING THINKING - seeing everything in black- and-white - ex: I made one mistake so I am a total failure 2. OVERGENRALIZTIONG - generalizing from limited experiences/evidence - ex: one relationship failed and now I'll die alone 3. CATASTROPHIZING - expecting worst possible outcome even when unlikely - ex: Reid didn't snapchat me in the last 30 min so he must not love me anymore Abramson's Attribution-Helplessness Theory
- depression si b/c of tendency to explain events in MALADAPTIVE fashion - attribute negative events to stable, global, internal causes - attribute positive events to unstable, specific , external causes What are some reasons MDD is twice as common in women as men around the world? - women more likely to experience chronic stressors ass w/ depression - established social roles make abnormal people depressed - women more likely to ruminate RUMINATE - tendency to dwell on sad experiences/thoughts how does low social support relate to MDD? - low social support <---> depression - people who are depressed might create interpersonal problems that lower support of those around them - people might get depressed b/c of their low social support - low social support means a lower ability to handle life stress
suicide - death from damage that was SELF- INFLICTED and individual INTENDED to kill themselves suicidal ideation suicidal plan suicidal intent suicidal attempt suicide - ideation - THOUGHTS about killing self - plan - METHOD person could use to kill self - intent - RESOLUTION to commit plan - attempt - EXECUTION of plan - suicide nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) - hurting yourself w/o intent to kill self (burning, cutting) - 13-45% of adolescents engage in What are four reinforcement reasons/functions of NSSI? - AUTOMATIC-NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT - to numb - AUTOMATIC POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT
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