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Feb 21, 2023
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Critical thinking questions chapter 3 25. The illustration shown on Figure 3.14 shows the effects of the sympathetic nervous system. When we are faced with a stressful situation the listed things play into the fight or flight response. When we are presented with a test or have to present to class we might feel an increased heart rate. If you are inside a house fire, blood pressure and heart rate might increase, pupils will dilate, and the bladder will release glucose. All the adrenaline goes through the body making you feel all these different things causing you to fight or flight. 27. Performing a hybrid CT/PET scan or fMRI would be viable options to determine if sleep and wakefulness is affected by reticular formation. A CT/PET scan can help to show the structure and activity in different parts of the brain. If there is any activity in the pineal gland in the patient we can determine if the activity is related. We can perform an fMRI if we want more detailed images of the brain, time accuracy, and detail. If the fMRI will be performed the patient with wakefulness can be compared to another fMRI with no sleep problems. 29. The endocrine system produces hormones, which are slower to take effect. They are in the bloodstream and the whole body. The hormones help the endocrine system result in long-lasting changes. Unlike the nervous system that is more based on nerves and muscles, brain and spine, the endocrine system has glands including the male and female reproductive systems. The properties that the nervous system creates when faced in a stressful situation happen faster than the endocrine system.
22. Cocaine would be classified as an agonist. Cocaine creates and releases more dopamine. These are characteristics of what an agonist does, which is to mimic neurotransmitters. 21. Variability comes from when we are being produced by our parents. Starting with the sperm, the eggs, and fertilization. Variability is necessary to keep organisms in different environments able to survive and reproduce if they are suited and those that are poorly suited die. If they are poorly suited in the environment they will still be able to survive in a better suited environment.
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