Humanistic Psychology

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PSY 283
Sep 17, 2023
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Humanistic Psychology Human mind is self-aware, free will, imagination creativity and imagination Phenomenology: present experience maters We have free-will Construal = personal experience of the world can be different from others can be different from others. Job interview can be viewed as an opportunity or something terrifying. How an individual sees an opportunity depends on an individual's construal. Humanists believe that humans achieve free will is how they interpret the way they see the world. Introspection where research assistants tried to observe their own perceptions and thought processes to help them better understand the word. Existentialism= broad movement as a reaction to rationalism, science, and the industrial revolution Regain contact of being alive, aware, and unique. Thrown-ness: time place and circumstance where you happen to be born Angst: the anxiety of contemplating the meaning of life and how one should spend one's time. -one must face thrownness and face mortality and the meaning of life -know we all die, and we must do all we can to better life.
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