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May 24, 2023
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AP Psychology: Adulthood and Aging Part A Conventional reasoning is relating your morals to those of the outside world and other's expectation. Katie will most likely make decisions regarding the children based on what their parents have presented her with, and told her. Permissive parenting is being fairly nurturing and not setting boundaries or limits for the children. Katie seems like she grew up with a permissive parenting type, she may have a hard time setting the boundaries she needs to because it is not what she's used too. Identity vs. role confusion is the adolescent idea of questioning who one is, and how they should feel, act, and think. Katie is a teenager and will have a hard time differentiating between being a child herself and taking care of other children, while also being a disciplinary figure. Part B Object permanence is recognizing that people and things still exist even though they may not be there or are not seen. The children will understand that the rules their parents set into place are still there even though they can't be seen and their parents are not there. Egocentrism is not understanding why something happened or that an event may be happening for specific reasons. The children may not understand why their parents tell them they aren't allowed to watch or do certain things, so they may feel angry at their parents. Secure attachment is being comfortable with their parents or caregiver. The children will most likely have formed an attachment to Katie because she is their aunt. They will feel comfortable in her presence and look to her for needs or comfort. Initiative vs. Guilt is taking control- sometimes too much control- when it comes to other children and playing games, etc. The older kids might feel superior compared to the younger kids, and therefore try to "parent" them in their own way. This would be initiative. However, if the parent or caregiver discourages this or reprimands the kid, this would bring on the feelings of guilt.
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