Age of Jackson

The political cartoons about the Age of Jackson tell us that the Jacksonian Democracy in American was not the best at all. From looking at these political cartoons they look very dark and very disturbing to the human eye and for others he just looks like he has absolutely drunk with power. For example, in the political cartoon Clay, "" King Andrew the First") it shows Andrew Jackson dressed as a king with some sort of wand in his hand and a veto bill in his other hand. Also, he is standing on the Constitution and on the internal improvements of the national banks. What this showed was the Andrew Jackson was abusing his power of being the president and did not obey the laws. Him being dressed like a king and him holding the veto in his hand showing how he is drunk with power because king is usually drunk with power and him not obeying the law by him stepping on the constitution. Another example of people not enjoying the Age of Jackson is in the political cartoon Clay, "" Great Father to the Indians") showing Andrew Jackson nurturing little Indians like they are his children. Now at first glance this would look not amazing because how Andrew looks but other than that he looks like he is taking care of some kids. But the bigger picture is that this cartoon was made for the Indian Removal Act that granted unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders. A few tribes went peacefully, but many resisted the relocation policy. This cartoon is almost cryptic by showing him caring for the Indians nut in reality he signed an act to get rid of them. Like I stated earlier it seems like the Age of Jackson was not an exciting time for most people because based off of all these cartoons you would assume Andrew Jackson was a Devil on earth and to some people he was. For me based off of these political cartoons Jacksons Democracy was not an enjoyable time in America.
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