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Analyzing Party Platforms A political party's "platform" is its formal set of principles or goals. They change over time, but are created in order to appeal to the general public, for the ultimate purpose of garnering the general public's support and votes about complicated topics or issues. Below are America's 2 main political parties and 4 other minor parties. Click on the links to read their party platforms. As you read through each, look for keywords that you feel the party highlights. Then, briefly explain their views on some domestic and foreign issues. Political Party Key Words Domestic Issues Foreign Issues Constitution Party Sanctity of life, Funs,taxes,welfare,Bibli cal foundations "Moratorium on immigration" "Government social and cultural policies have undermined the work ethic" Not much with a primary focus on domestic issues Democratic Party Honest leadership,energy independence,healthca re,retirement security Access to healthcare for all, balanced budget Homeland security begins with hometown security. Energy independence and ending reliance on foreign oil. Green Party Economic Bill of Rights,Ecological conservation,progressiv e taxes,human rights,social justice Universal social security,renewable energy,abolish the death penalty Global green deal.peace conversations and cutting military spending Libertarian Party Freedom,taxation,educ ation,women's rights, and sexual rights Repealing laws on all victimless crimes.Replacing social security with a private system,opposing almost all taxation Non-interventions should guide relationships between governments Reform Party Education,fiscal responsibilities,energy, environment ethics Equal access to education for all.Ending deficit spending and reviewing government programs Energy independence from foreign sources. Respecting the sovereignty of all nations Republican Party Jobs,safety, taxation Restraining spending by the federal government; working with congress to pass legislation that promotes economic growth- including making his tax cuts permanent Strengthening our military and deploying a missile defense to protect Americans from nuclear threats posed by rogue reigns.
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