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Vocabulary Deliberation Topic: What are ways for youth to engage in politics? 1. First, define these terms and phrases before reading the background article or using the videos from C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations. Try searching Google or a dictionary for a definition. 2. Then, as you watch the videos and read the articles, write down quotes from people using these words in context. 3. Finally, use these words in your deliberations and writing activities after you understand all sides of the issue. Term Definition Explanation/Quote Political Party Group of individuals that organize to win elections, same political party Voter Turnout The amount of people that vote Survey Questionnaire or examination Millennials Born from 1981-1996 Generation Years when people are alive that separate major time periods Political Activism You are activists and "protesting" for your party, political and social change Grassroots Movements Movement beginning with people. People create movement and change something. Disapointment Disillusion Disengage in politics Voter Drive Want to vote, trying to get people to vote
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