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Study Guide: Civics EOC Exam Daniela Fernandez 10\20\2020 p:4 John Locke: What ideas is he known for? Montesquieu Social contract Natural Law\Rights What is the social contract? People gave away the power to rule and some rights but get back to the protection of the government. What is Natural Law? The government protects "life, liberty, and property. Influenced the Declaration of Independence Montesquieu: How did he influence the "Founding Fathers?" Separation of powers Natural rights (John Locke) Social contract (John Locke) What are four concepts found in the Magna Carta that influenced the Founding Fathers? Limited Government Trial of Jury Advisors =Parliament Rule of law List three rights that are found in the English Bill of Rights that are found in the US Bill of Rights: Freedom of speech. No cruel or unusual punishment
No taxes\ consent Name three concepts in the Mayflower Compact that influenced the Founding Fathers: Self-government Rule of law Social contract What did Thomas Paine's Common Sense influence the Founding Fathers to do? The Declaration of Independence List three things that the British did that made the Colonists angry? Stamp act Tea act No taxation w\o representation Whom was the "Grievances" of the Declaration of Independence addressed to? Complains What rights did Thomas Jefferson say every American is entitled to in the Declaration of Independence? The rights of life, livery, and pursuit of happiness. The rights of Consent of the government. The rights of the people to alter or abolish it. Which Enlightenment philosopher influenced Jefferson in the "Natural Rights" section of the Declaration of Independence? John Locke List three weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation: No power to tax Regulate trade
Enforce laws List the goals of the Preamble and describe what they mean: We the people- popular sovereignty A more perfect union- make a better country Establish justice- fairness\equality-courts Ensure domestic tranquility- Keep the peace Provide for the common defense- military Promote the general welfare - help people Secure the blessing of liberty - freedom To ourselves and our posterity - forever Define: Separation of Power: Separation of power has divided the power of the country into three separate parts Define Checks and Balances: Other legislative-executive checks and balances are the executive recommendation power, the legislative appropriations power, senatorial advice and consent, the division of powers concerning war, congressional oversight work, and removal of the president and other executive officers by impeachment. Provide an Example of Checks and Balances for each branch: Legislative Branch: the congress house of Representatives; senate. House and Senate can veto each other bills Executive Branch: the president executive office of the president; executive and cabinet departments; Independent government agencies Judicial Branch: the courts supreme court; Courts of Appeal; District courts Define the Rule of Law:
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