Chap 15 Media Power

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Political Science
Jul 1, 2023
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The United States has a variety of media outlets today, from newspapers to the internet. Nowadays, it is essentially impossible to find a news outlet that reports a piece of information without bias. The majority of the information comes from sources that support the news organization's agenda or confirmation bias. For instance, if we pay close attention to the news being reported on by any of the US news stations, we will notice that the news is being accompanied with an additional piece of information. This information will typically be skewed and focus on drawing a conclusion about the news from the broadcast news channel's point of view. The purpose of including more material is to persuade viewers that their point of view is accurate, which will help the political party that the news station supports or is predominantly supported by. Being a "liberal" spectator is the finest way for any citizen to enable autonomy and total authority over his political decision-making. This implies that the viewer can observe the same news being presented on many networks and view various ideologies of the same news provided by various sources. Then, instead of adopting a conservative bias for all types of news viewed, he can consider the same news from all perspectives and believe in the one where his personal thoughts feel to best fit the news broadcasted.
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