BA International Relations 2022-3

BA International Relations (2022-3) Home Department: War Studies EIS also have some responsibility for this programme Programme Director: Dr Walter Ladwig Please note that this is the programme as it will run in 2022-3. Programmes are subject to change and your programme will run according to the programme specification for the year in which you began your studies.
Year 1 You must take 120 credits from the list below. Compulsory modules (120 credits) Semester 1 Semester 2 4SSW1008 Conflict and Diplomacy (15 credits) 4SSW1004 Contemporary Security Issues (15 credits) 4SSW1006 International Relations Theory (30 credits) 4SSW1007 History of the International System (30 credits) 4AAOB104 Introduction to International Economics (30 credits) There are no optional modules.
Year 2 You must take 120 credits from the list below. Compulsory module (30 credits) Semester 1 Semester 2 5SSW2060 Global Politics (30 credits) AND 90 credits from: Semester 1 Semester 2 5AAOB204 International Political Economy (30 credits) 5AAOB206 Foreign Policy Analysis (30 credits) 5SSW2002 War and Society (30 credits) 5SSW2004 Grand Strategy and the Foundations of Anglo-American Statecraft (30 credits) 5SSW2014 Seapower, Empires and Strategy (30 credits) 5SSW2049 War in International Order (30 credits) 5SSW2050 Intelligence in War Studies 5SSW2054 War in the 20 th Century (30 credits) 5SSW2055 World War II in Global Perspective (30 credits) 5SSW2056 Military Strategy (30 Credits) 5SSW2062 Statecraft and Diplomacy (30 credits) 5SSW2063 International Law, Human Rights and Intervention (30 credits) 5SSW2066 Sanctions and Economic Warfare ( 15 credits) 5SSW2067 War and Slavery ( 15 credits ) 5SSW2068 Gender and War ( 15 credits ) You can apply to take up to 30 credits of external modules as part of your 120 credits. You can take a 15-credit language module with the Modern Language Centre (MLC) in addition to your 120 credits. This will appear on your academic transcript but will not be included in the c-score that determines your final degree classification.
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