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Apr 25, 2023
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DATE: LAB#: 2 TITLE: Projectile Motion AIM: To determine the initial velocity and the launch angle of a projectile. APPARATUS: motion_en.html THEORY: Projectile motion is the motion of an object upon by gravity only. The velocity in the horizontal direction is constant but in the vertical direction is increasing uniformly, for a projectile launched from a height (y) and an angle Ø respect to the horizontal is given by the formula can be derived VARIABLES: Manipulated: height of platform Responding: horizontal distance of the cannonball. Controlled: cannonball and angle of declination
METHOD 1. Click on the link to launch the simulation 2. Adjust the platform with the cannon to a height of 15m. 3. Set the cannon to an angle of 10 o below the horizontal. 4. Launch the cannonball. 5. Use the measuring tape to measure and record the horizontal distance of the cannonball. 6. Adjust the platform to obtain 5 additional readings. 7. Plot a graph using the equation: RESULTS: TABLE SHOWING Vertical Height (y) Horizontal distance ( X 1 ) Horizontal distance (X 2 ) Average horizontal distance X 15 37.1 37.1 37.1 0.40 13 >34.9 >35 34.95 0.37 11 32.7 32.7 32.7 0.33 9 30.3 30.3 30.3 0.30 7 27.5 27.5 27.5 0.25 5 24.4 24.4 24.4 0.20 CALCULATIONS: Calculate the gradient of the graph. Determine the y intercept
Determine the value of and the value of Vo from ϴ PRECAUTIONS: 1) Take more than one Readings 2) SOURCES OF ERROR: 1) 2) CONCLUSION:
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