Seasons 6

bout one quarter of the way to the pole. De a he string equator, oint. oo f spher z 1b-solar P Put the pushpin somewhere in the sp he SL how vou have to tilt the sphere t he same distance from the equator and at the same | hern hemis here about L g Ono: e 3 Sec pin 11 e sou . r int dGSCI'lbe the ShadOWS of t glt\l S 1SP . la o1nt, h Place a second pUSI] 1. it nhtef m heulisphere pushpm at the SUb SO P e h 1(1% as the filSIPUShpifl. With the no ] ; : puS D ¢ i t and the intensity of the flashlight beam at 5 . . . () 1 : is i Whi ere is in winter: In this orientation, which hemisphere is in summer? Which hemisph Earth's 23.5° tilt relative to its orbit around the Sun limits the locations on Earth that can model Earth below, sketch and label the range of latitudes (lines parallel to the equator) t (Hint: Use right angles!) be sub-solar points. Qg the hat can be sub-solgy Poings
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