7.1b Arc Measure & Arc Length

7.1b Arc Measure and Arc Length Name:____________________________________ Date:___________ Block:________ 1. What is the difference between an arc measure and an arc length? Find the measures of the given arcs in circle T. 2. mRS = 3. mRPS = 4. mPQR = 5. mQS = 6. mQPS = 7. QTR = Find the arc length of the following. Round to the nearest hundredth. 8. 9. 10. 11. Jamie says that two arcs from different circles have the same arc length if their central angles are equal. Is Jamie correct? Explain your reasoning. (hint: draw a picture!)
7.1b Arc Measure and Arc Length 12. The arc length of a circle is 5 meters and the radius is 4 meters. What is the arc measure in degrees π (central angle)? 13. The length of arc AB on a circle is 5.236 inches long. Arc AB is created by a central angle that is 50 o . What is the radius of the circle? 14. Calculate the area of the circle in #9. 15. Circle Q has an area of 5863 m 2 . What is the circumference of circle Q?
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