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Aug 13, 2023
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11 S3 Physics Assignment 4 (Text book: Practice 3.2) 1. Figure 1.1 shows an object locating at 6 cm from a convex lens. The focal length of the lens is 12 cm. (a) Draw a ray diagram to locate the image in Figure 1.1. (3 marks) (b) Find the linear magnification of the image. (2 marks) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ (c) State the three natures of the image. (2 marks) ______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 5 cm O Figure 1.1
12 2. When a glass of water is placed in front of a piece of paper, the image of the print on the paper is formed as shown in Figure 2.1. The linear magnification of the image is 2. (a) Is the image of the print formed by the glass of water virtual or real? Explain your answer. (2 marks) _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ (b) Figure 2.2 shows the position of the glass of water (as a convex lens) and the paper (as an object). In Figure 2.2, (i) construct the image; (1 mark) (ii) draw a light ray to find the focal length of the lens. (2 marks) 5 mm O Figure 2.1 Figure 2.2
13 <HKDSE 2012 Paper 1B Q7a> 3. A luminous object PQ is placed 15 cm in front of a convex lens AB as shown in Figure 3.1. The focal length of the lens is 5 cm. (a) Use a graphical method to find the location of the image of the object. Clearly draw all the construction lines on Figure 3.1 and state the nature of the image. (4 marks) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Figure 3.1 (b) Complete the path of ray r on Figure 3.1 to show how it travels after passing through the convex lens. (1 mark) P A B 5cm Q A r
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