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Anana Hernandez 2nd Block 3/24 /23 MOMENTUM AND IMPULSE Study Guide What is the formula for momentum? P= my 2. If you increase mass or velocity what happens to momentum? 3. The greater the mass or velocity, is, the greater it's momentum. If a 2,0009000 kg object is sitting still what is its momentum? 4. What is the law of conservation of momentum? What does it apply to? The momentum of a system before an event is equal to momenturn afterward. 5. What causes an increase or decrease in momentum? or - the mass and velocity either increase decrease. 6. Why do cars have airbags? They are able to reduce the effect of the forde experienced by accident. person during an 7. What is an elastic collision? What is an inelastic collision? Elastic Collision- A collision where objects bounce off each other undamaged. Inelastic Collision - collide A collision where objects bounce off, and each is damaged or objects and stick together.. 8. Compare and contrast elastic and perfectly elastic collision? contrast! clastic collision i counter They both involve two objects . a multi octween two bodies with wherea perfecting closing cat Kinetic energy, momentum is chargersion on kinetic energy into other 9. Compare and contrast inelastic and perfectly inelastic collision? Inclastic 10. What is impulse, and the formula for impulse? - A force applied over a time interval. Formulas 1 = Ext 11. What must happen for an objects momentum to change? An unbalanced force causes a change in Acceleration. 12. An object with a mass of 30 kg is moving with a velocity of 6 m/s. What is the objects momentum? P=MV m = 30 kg P= 30 *6= 180 kgmls V= 6 m /s 13. A basketball has 25 kg m/s of momentum when thrown 30 m/s. Find the mass of the basketball. Pemu M = 30 = 0.8icg P=25 kgm/s V= 30 m /S 14. A 70 kg object has 320 kg m/s of momentum. How fast is the object going? 320= 4.6m/s P=MV V = mi P= 320 kgm/s m= Mokg
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