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Mar 23, 2023
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23.4 ST Identify five people "dead or alive" that you consider intelligent and explain why . Be very specific. Consider whether they have general intelligence or multiple intelligences. 1. Michelle Tokarsky (my mom) - My mother is an extremely intelligent woman. My consideration for her intelligence goes beyond her academics. Yes, she is an attorney and graduated at the top of her class, but her intelligence is much more than that. She is also socially intelligent. She knows how to act and what to say in every social situation and always carries herself well. Additionally, my mom always makes the right decisions which I apply to her intelligence level. She is absolutely a woman of varied intelligence. 2. Martin Luther King Jr. - MLK was a man of a specific intelligence. He was especially gifted in the realm of social intelligence and utilized that skill to be a highly influential leader. His word choice, event planning, and social strategizing was one of no other and consequently changed history. 3. Elon Musk - Elon Musk is intelligent for obvious reasoning. He is not only extremely tech savvy, but is also a genius in marketing. He created an empire of electronically run devices and especially marketed them to sell successfully. This would be considered combined intelligences. 4. Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift is a woman of many intelligences. Not only is she musically inclined, but she has also managed to market and communicate her way into building a massive following of fans behind her. She successfully sells out tours in seconds and creates top 10 hits every time she releases music. 5. Ken Jennings - Ken Jennings is a generally intelligent man. He successfully won 4.5 million dollars on Jeopardy. This man has tons of knowledge on general topics and therefor shined on trivia shows such as Jeopardy.
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