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Feb 21, 2023
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Macbeth - Pre-Reading Questions Respond to the following questions. Be sure to give specific examples (but not too personal) when applicable. 1. To what extent are people both good and bad? feel that people go to the extent that they Jost Fake it. 2. What do you want most in the world, and to what lengths would you go to get what you want in the world ? I want to get my vetoinarian career and the lengths I would go is stay broke if thats what it takes. 3. Under what circumstances would / should you compromise your values? I feel like you should never compromise your values. Even if it might effect a relationship. 4. What role, if any, does fate / free-will play in our lives? Fate brings new opportunities that you clidn't have in your past. 5. What was the attitude toward witches during the Renaissance? What is your attitude toward witches ? People didn't like witches back then and would be arrested . I don't like witches as well . I believe they clon't clo any good. 6. To what extent are people responsible for their actions? Explain They need to actualy want to take responsibility. 7. Think of a situation when you were not in control. What steps did you take to regain control ? I sticked to a routine, did thing to give me what I can control. a sense OF comfort and focus on 8. Have you ever been coerced by another person to do something that you might not have wanted to do? Explain. I have never been coerced by a person. I try to don't notbeinfluenced by someone else to not do something I want 9. What effect(s) does guilt have on individuals? to do. Guilt brings shame and can lead to clepression and paranoia.
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