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Oct 12, 2023
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Level 3 Reading October 31, 2021 Paraphrase of paragraph #11 Occasionally, something distinct about a minority produces discussion. In Europe, part of Muslim women wears scarves to cover their heads- hijab in Arabic. This prominent item of clothing has ignited many polemics, and in France, this argument has been especially ardent. In 2004, a French law prohibited the wearing of any religious objects, including the hijab , in state schools. On that occasion, this prohibition had the approval of the majority of the French public, and supported the government's thinking that in a secular country, religion should be a confidential practice. Based on this thinking, the prohibition seeks to cause a unitary effect since it would help to avoid the segregation of ethnic communities in society. It would encourage the Muslim community to function in French society. People against this law oppose, however, it infringes the freedom to express freely as an individual. They see it as a discriminatory law because young Muslim women who prefer to wear the hijab must leave public institutions and are pressured to attend private schools where they are allowed to wear religious clothing. Moreover, people against the law understand that it is just a stumbling block by alienating Muslims from French society. Precisely the opposite of what the government intends to achieve. Summary of paragraph #11 French law prohibits the use of any religious garment, including the hijab worn by Muslim women. With this law, the government intends to encourage minority groups to interact within French society. On the other hand, people against this law claim that it is discriminatory and violates freedom of expression.
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