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May 16, 2023
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prison is causing Malcolm to question his beliefs and to seek out new knowledge and understanding. 3. How does this new character change Malcolm? Use evidence 4. Create a H.0.T question based on the excerpt In what ways does Reginald's experience with white people contribute to his belief that they are all devils? 5. Answer to a HOT question: Reginald's experiences with white people throughout his life, which he recounts in the excerpt, contribute to his beliefthat they are all devils. He mentions white people who were in his house after his father was killed, white people who made derogatory comments about his mother, and white people who he felt did not care about the struggles of black people. These negative experiences with white people, coupled with Elijah Muhammad's teachings, led Reginald to view all white people as devils. He believed that his negative experiences were not isolated incidents but rather represented a broader pattern of behavior among white people. Exit Question: How is Malcolm X's characterization and view on life developed
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