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Jun 26, 2023
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Lecture notes: Definition of ritual : a repetitive social practice composed of a performed sequence of symbolic actions, often includes ritualized gestures, words and objects. Learning to become a part of society by doing the ritual. Rituals also manage risk or influence forces on your behalf. Prescribed behaviors in which there is no empirical connection between the menas and desired end" (Gmelch: 2) Taboo : prohibited action, thing or person. Example from article - ate a pancake breakfast and performed poorly, pancakes became a prohibited activity. Fetish : inanimate objects we believe can do things or cause things to happen. Charms or material objects believed to have supernatural powers that we can call on to protect us (pen used for an exam, socks worn on a date). Associated with something good happening. An inanimate object has powers Magic The performance of certain rituals that are believed to compel supernatural forces in some way Wedding: rite of passage or ritual Ritual - special gestures, words, objects. Telling the legal system that you are linked to this person financially, sexually Three phases of a rite of passage: Rite of Passage of Ndembu boys: 1. Separation: detaches from the group or family 2. Liminal period: transitional period where you are "betwixt and between" (Victor Turner) Neither a child nor adult Special clothing, practices, language, stories Temporarily no division between participants. Some suffering 3. Reaggregation: transform back into society College as a rite of passage: 1. Separation: goodbye to parents and friends, parents drop you off at your dorm 2. Liminal period: dorm living - not your own home, but its yours. Not permanent, because you move out in the summer. Level of independence where you can do what
you want, but might have a curfew. Special items, like a school ID - allows you to stay late at the library or get discounts. No division between participants - you're all students - no expectations of career/job 3. Reaggragate - graduation - tassle on other side of hat. Entering into society. Expectations, job, make your own money, live on your own.
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