Philosopy- Clifford Argument

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May 16, 2023
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Kia Jones Phil1500 Oct 16th, 2022 Philosophy Argument Clifford is right that "No one man's belief is a private matter which concerns himself alone". This in fact affects everyone. If someone believes that god is in fact real and that there is a world beyond this one. This affects the belief and thoughts of others. Many people will believe and contemplate on what is in the world beyond this one. This has also been proven with the development of sciences. If people want answers to why things are the way things are they will try to do things to develop answers for the unknown. In this example there is religion. A person had to once believe whatever was written in the bible in order to spread one's belief that jesus, God, ect is real. without concrete proof of existence. This growth in a new belief has incoherently led to the questioning of the creation of humanity. The upcoming of belief and thought brings on the rise of doubts leading to other beliefs and choices of man. Therefore the argument Clifford made that people's beliefs don't affect one man alone is in fact accurate. Which can be shown through the uprise of religion. Christianity specifically, ect.
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