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MAT 101
Feb 25, 2023
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Hossain, Tanvir Block-7 08/25/2021 Diagnostic Todd Davidson makes it clear that he is arguing for the Preservation of national parks. He wants to make sure that the U.S government continues funding these parks. He uses persuasive elements, reasoning to collect the Claim and evidence, and supports his evidence with facts and examples. The first argument he makes is that the parks budgets have been on a steady decline and are reporting shortfalls. He backs up his statement by stating facts about how much money is being cut from park spending. He shows that the funding cuts are affecting the parks. He talks about how the parks won't have enough Rangers, less hours to visit the center, and even reduced road and trail maintenance . Todd ties in his first claim of the budget and funding cuts and shows the effect at a larger scale. He states that the effect of the first claim will have a total effect on EU S economy, he backs this up by saying that EU S travel and tourism industry generates $1.8 trillion into the economy and provides jobs for about 14 million people. This would be a good indicator that the government should take notice. If there is less funding for the national parks, the parks will generate less money, less economic output, and will have to face a decline is jobs. The argument Todd builds is very logical and persuasive. His claims in reasons all support each other and makes a great argument altogether. Todd shows that the national parks have lost funding. He explains how that affects the park. He then explains how it will affect EU S at a larger scale. His persuasiveness has seemed to have an effect because, the government and the president have started to create a strategy and recognized the parks as a national priority
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