Final Exam US Government

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Sep 21, 2023
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- Freedom of Religion I think that the freedom of religion is a powerful freedom our government has given us. To let us believe in whatever we want and make organized religions helps our culture and society so much as we can learn from each other. However, in recent times organized religion has become a bit of a problem as one seems to not be working well with others. It's nice that in my city we have multiple different churches for people to go to. Because of our freedom, I'm allowed to go to any church I want. - Freedom of Speech The freedom of speech is a hard one to discuss as overtime we have had many problems thanks to it. In my opinion, the freedom of speech is more of a mess around and find out freedom rather than a strict one. Sure, it allows us to say whatever we want, but it's the consequences to our actions that impact what we can and cannot say. For example, I can go around the streets of Indianapolis and scream insults at anyone that walks by, but I will face the consequences by either being arrested for harassment or get into a fight. However, the freedom of speech allows me to speak my mind about things, including supreme court policies and unlawful acts. - Freedom of The Press The freedom makes it possible for people to speak up through the form of media. With newspapers and online articles, we can spread word around more. It helps people know what's going on as if we silence the media, we'd truly be in the dark. However, the media can also be corrupted with biases. - Freedom to assemble. The freedom to assemble makes it possible for peaceful protests against important matters. This is amazing along with freedom of speech and the press as with the right information and helping people stand up for themselves, peaceful protests become one of the biggest tools for all of the public. - Freedom to Petition The freedom to petition goes perfectly with the last three as they help us fight against unwanted policies and unlawful actions the government can do. This makes it possible to fight back and give us the freedom we need, and if we petition a large group and go to the supreme courts, then we can help to fight against laws that harm us.
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