Sterile GlovingSkills Checklist 2022

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Mar 21, 2023
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Seneca College Sterile Glove Skills Checklist Nursing Consideration for Every Skill 1. Review health care provider (HCP) order 2. Review specific health care facility policy 3. Ensure/Reflect if you have the knowledge, skill and judgment to perform the skill For every skill: 1. Hand Hygiene 2. Appropriate PPE 3. Confirmation of patient with 2 indicators 4. Patient privacy 5. Explain procedure 6. Obtain patient consent 7. Allergies and Sensitivities 8. Check for pain, discomfort or need to use washroom 9. Adjust bed and bedside table to appropriate working height 10. Provide health teaching Inspect Examined package to ensure that it was intact and dry and had not expired Ensure hand a dry after hand hygine Applying gloves 1. Remove the outer wrapper of the glove package. 2. Grasp the inner glove package, and laid it on a clean, dry, flat surface at waist level. Open the inner package, keep the gloves on the inside surface of the wrapper. 3. Identify the right and left glove. 4. With the thumb and first two fingers of nondominant hand, grasp the glove for dominant hand at the cuff. 5. Carefully pull the glove over dominant hand; left it cuffed. Made sure cuff did not roll up around wrist and that fingers are in correct spaces. 6. With gloved dominant hand, slip the fingers inside the cuff of the second glove. Do not touch the top surface of the cuff. 7. Carefully pull the second glove over nondominant hand. 8. Interlock hands above the level of waist. Removal of gloves 1. Grasp the outside of one glove cuff with the other gloved hand; avoid touching the skin. 2. Pull the glove off, away from self, turn it inside out and place it in gloved hand. 3. Tuck thumb or fingers of bare hand inside cuff of remaining glove. Peel glove off inside out and over the glove just removed. Discard both gloves in the trash. 4. Perform thorough hand hygiene.
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